Paper submission

The second step of electronic submission is to register the data of the submitted paper. These data will be used to generate the program of the conference, proceedings, list of sessions, etc. Selected information about the papers is available on-line and the authors of the respective paper are able to modify it, upload corrected version, etc.

Once registered, the paper data will be conveniently represented by a paper identification number (ID) that is used in all electronic submission procedures. The paper ID has been issued to all authors that have been accepted based on abstract submission. You may look at the list of accepted papers sorted alphabetically (List of papers).

Should you forget your paper ID or need to update your contact data, please use the List of papers. To update an existing record, click at the respective paper ID in the list. Only the authors of the paper will be able to modify it.

The information concerning the paper data includes PIN of all authors, indication of the corresponding author, suggestion of preference for session type, short abstract, paper, and summary files preferably in the PDF format.

If you are logged in, information about all your papers is shown in the My profile and you can choose to modify them.